Dear Friends,


A little more than 5 years ago, Hannah and I had a vision. We set out to engage with our community and to do our part to make our small piece of the world a better place. We envisioned an environment that brought people together through music, art and casual socialization. Our vision became a reality when we opened the doors to SkyHeart Studio, then located at 51 S. Main St. We also had a plan that went with the vision. We would commit our energy, time and creativeness to this venture until I retired from my regular job, roughly 10 years. At that time, we would pass the baton to someone else and fade off into the sunset to rediscover ourselves. As many of you know, 2013 was full of personal trials culminating in an early retirement. Although not a choice we would have made, we realize that everything happens for a reason and all things appear to be pointing to passing the baton earlier than planned. With that being said, SkyHeart Studio has presented it's final scheduled show. They say that if you must go, go out on top. We believe we have succeeded in doing that. The Farewell to iM3, David Roth/Anne Hills and the Caravan of Thieves concerts were all worthy of a venue's final performance. But perhaps even more exciting was the concert presented last Saturday by Glove City Music under the direction of Joshua Thompson. Comprising 2 groups (Glove City Winds and Glove City Community Winds) Joshua brings together promising amateur talent and local and regional professional musicians. The result is nothing less than amazing! These groups performed for a sellout crowd of over 200 guests. We are proud to have been able to help promote such an essential element to the growth and success of this community.

It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of this community. The many, many friends we have made will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated. For the individuals and organizations who stepped forward to provide support, we thank you and applaud you. We would not have been able to do this without the assistance from the Adirondack Wood Floor Co., the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market, Audrey's Classic Designs, Livingston Furniture, Wells Fargo Advisors/Timothy Keegan, Ruby & Quiri, Emery Designs, Bill Derby and the Business Improvement District and of course, the many fine musicians who graced our stage. Many thanks to our friends, volunteers and family who gave countless hours preparing the space, managing tickets and providing extra hands in the kitchen. And of course, our heartfelt thanks to all of you, our guests.


We hope you have enjoyed sharing the SkyHeart experience and we hope you will continue to support the arts in our community. The building is now for sale. We would love to see someone carry on the SkyHeart tradition, but that is up to the next owner. If you, or someone you know may be interested, please contact Loretta Weldner, Coldwell Banker at 762-9885 ext. 121. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. We shall miss you all.

Michael and Hannah

Offering two venues for live performance, SkyHeart Studio plays host to live acts from around the globe. Listen to your favorite folk musicians in the intimate 65 seat Rose Gallery where the acoustics are perfect and very seat is a good one. Arietta Hall features a wide variety of musical genre for larger audiences. From Classical to Light Rock and Jazz to Gypsy Swing, Arietta Hall at SkyHeart Place is the great way to hear great music without the need to travel.